One week until I get to see one of my favourite bands in the whole dam World. The Mighty Kasabian. Not their best 5 songs, but 5 of my favourites. Les-tah!


A track sung by Guitarist, Songwriter and Musical Hero of mine, Serge Pizzorno, Take Aim has been described as a Mexican Funeral March intro followed by a soundtrack, constantly changing moods throughout. Exotic, catchy, moody trumpets padded by a classic Kasabian Orchestral arrangement and one hell of a song when played live as witnessed at their recent Headline slot at Glastonbury 2014.



An absolute, flat out rocker propelled by thumping drums, a driving riff Tom’s high, uplifting, almost euphoric vocals, while being covered in a psychedelic soundscape that reminds me at times of the Chemical Brothers and/or Primal Scream. Rarely played live these days, which is a shame. 



An absolute belter of a track. HUGE! That bass riff, the bridge and Serge’s urge to jump as high as you fucking can before the breakdown. Lyrical tribute to Heath Ledger who died shortly after the song was written (“Joker, see you on the other side”). Basically a big vocal rant which has been compared to the Beastie Boys. A fan favourite, a detonator, an E’d up dance riot. Monster track and can’t wait to lose my shit to it next week. 



A cut off the latest Album, Serge takes over vocal duties here on a downtempo, stripped back ballad dedicated to his Lead Singer. Scissor.Paper.Stone, is accompanied by soothing, sweet vocal harmonies and is basically a bromance laid bare for all to hear, recounting all the good times of past hours. “You don’t know what you give me”.



What can I say? A modern day Rock Classic. Another fan favourite, with its own split personality. Mellow, calm beginning before exploding in a rage for the chorus. A glorious combination of Dance Music and Rock n Roll. The embodiment of a rush of adrenaline and a classic 60’s psych trip all in one bomb of a track, with a riff that is starting to cement its iconic status in Rock History. You’ve done well Paesano.