Music: The Peep Tempel

Last night I ventured out to catch Graveyard Train’s Album Launch show at 170 Russell. But I’m going to talk about the band that opened for them, The Peep Tempel.


I’ve heard a lot about this local Melbourne 3 piece and in particular their explosive live show. I was completely blown away. Front man Blake Scott’s sinister and at times Cockney vocal delivery over powerful garage rock n roll was an incredible sight to behold. They remind me of the Libertines, without the crippling drug addiction and infamous disharmony, with obvious Pub Rock influences from years gone by.  

Last night’s set was opened with People Don’t Get You. A simple riff throughout with some fucking lovely chords, powerful drumming and Scott’s unique vocals that would terrify kids in their nightmares, but set a crowd off like Dynamite. Did I mention that ethereal riff? Grab another drink and fucking get in!

The Peep Tempel’s latest Album will be released later this year. Check out Their facebook page for updates or Wing Sing Records for updates. If you ever see the boys, ask them about Wing Sing Lane. I’m sure they have a few stories. Or better yet, take a look at the Official video for People Don’t Get You, shot using stills from their 2012 European Tour. 





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