MUSIC: REMI’s Best Lines

I could’ve made a list of 20-30, no problem. Melbourne MC Remi Kolawole is about to drop his new Album Raw X Infinity on the 6th of June. To celebrate, I’ve narrowed down 5 of my favourites from this Rapper with a smooth flow and an incredible knack for pop culture references. 


“I stay on that stoner appeal, I’ve got game like Daytona Wheels, Killin’ it” – Move (Regular People Shit)

Raise your hand if you never played Daytona 500 against your mates growing up, hundreds of times?…Nope? Thought so.

“I’m just a Black lean Male, addicted to retail” – Mint Floss (Regular People Shit)

Flips this Kanye line on a track about his own addiction to material possessions.

“Get down, I mean you’re all fraudulent, My style is signature and you’re forging it” – Work (F.Y.G ACT:1)

One of my favourite hip hop beats ever, Work by Gangstarr in case you were wondering. Very Guru like, delivering a warning to fellow MC’s.

“Now I’m chillin man, cooler than Streets Blue Ribbon” – Sangria (F.Y.G ACT:1)

My father taught me that self praise is no recommendation. Fuck that arsehole!….my Dad ain’t an arsehole, he’s a truly great man but I couldn’t help myself!

“And die working for computers at our jobs like Steve did?” – Livin (Raw x Infinity)

Dope as shit Poetic Wordsmith. No need for over the top analysis. I’ll leave that to Rap Genius. 

Remi’s new Album Raw x Infinity drops on the 6th of June. Check out his bandcamp for plenty of free music, pre order the Album, get some merch and go catch him on his upcoming National Tour.